TinoHacks, a project of Hacker Fund, is a 29 hour long, 350 person hackathon hosted by Cupertino High School students where both new and experienced programmers can work together on projects, learn new skills, and have a splendid time. The event is hosted at 42 US Silicon Valley. Participants will be given the option to hack on iMacs with all essential programming tools.

SIGN UP NOW AT http://tinohacks.tech!



This event is open to high schoolers only. However, college students may sign up to mentor, volunteer, or lead a workshop. Teams of up to 4 only!


Register for the event at http://tinohacks.tech! Submission information will be posted as the event nears. The hackathon is very open-ended. Participants are encouraged to get creative and build any hack they would like. TinoHacks is interested to see all your cool ideas come to life!

Hackathon Sponsors


$19,200 in prizes

Best Beginner Hack

4 free licenses of Jetbrains tools/IDEs for each member of the team.
JBL Clip+ Splash Proof Speakers
$2K Scholarship to Make School Summer Academy

Best Overall Hack

A pair of Spectacles by Snap Inc. for each member of the team. Includes Spectacles, Charging Case, and Cable.

MLH First Place Medal

Second Place Overall Hack

Amazon Echo Dots and Second Place MLH Medal for each member of the team.

Third Place Overall Hack

Megaverse Anti Gravity Megapack for each member of the team. Third Place MLH Medal

Top 5 Hacks (2)

For each member of the team:

One year subscription to Wolfram Computational Knowledge Engine, Wolfram|Alpha Pro (www.wolframalpha.com/pro).

One year of Wolfram Mathematica Student Edition (www.wolfram.com/solutions/education/students).

One year of Wolfram Development Platform (www.wolfram.com/development-platform), Developer Level. This level includes 10,000 monthly Cloud Credits, 5 GB Cloud Storage, 1000 Wolfram|Alpha API calls monthly, Instant Form development, and customizable URLS.

Top 10 Hacks (5)

A WolframAlpha Pro award of one-year subscriptions to Wolfram|Alpha Pro.

Best Trend Analysis Hack with Twitter Rest API

Palo Alto Networks Backpack full of swag and hardware.

Build a web-based/cli interface which accept the input string from Users and list the trend for searched keywords(i.e movie, any incident, results). The trends can be in graphs or tables to understand the results easily.


- Participants can use twitter’s rest API to search the results using following mechanism.
- #hashtags
- Emotions
- RT Retweet Symbols
- Handles

Best Use of .tech Domains

$200 Amazon Gift Voucher for best hack/website submitted on a .tech domain

Organizer's Pick

A Lunch and tour with organizers and GitHub Education Liason John Britton at GitHub HQ for the entire team. Date runs bewteen June 12th and July 31st.

Best Domain Name from Domain.com

Domain.com Swag Bags


Description: Use your tech skills for good and hack online harassment! Build a software solution that can help reduce the frequency and/or severity of online harassment. Members of the winning team receive Hack Harassment Battery Packs!

Best E-Commerce Hack by eBay

eBay Swag Bags, eBay gift cards, and drones for each member of the team

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Prajakta Jagdale

Prajakta Jagdale
Principal Red Team Engineer (Information Security) / Palo Alto Networks

Rinki Sethi

Rinki Sethi
Sr. Director, Information Security / Palo Alto Networks

Ethan Rubinson

Ethan Rubinson
Software Engineer / eBay

Raji Srikantham

Raji Srikantham
Senior Software Engineer / Salesforce

Allison Laureano

Allison Laureano
Director of IT and Facilities / Edmodo

Raj Nagarajan

Raj Nagarajan
Director of Engineering / eBay

Christopher Ngo

Christopher Ngo
iOS Instructor / Make School

Judging Criteria

  • Usefulness
    Does the hack target a specific audience? How often will people use it? Does it solve a common problem?
  • Originality
    Does the hack stand out or is it a generic application? Does the hack improve something that already exists or is it entirely new? What makes the hack better than another?
  • Technical Complexity
    Does the hack utilize emerging technologies? Does it use any of the sponsor APIs? Is it more than a conglomeration of APIs?
  • Polish
    Does the hack function properly? Is it complete, or you have plans to improve it in the future? If so, what would you change/add? Is the app well designed and appealing?

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